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BWD Frontline Services

New Service Connection

1. Attend an Online Seminar via FB Messenger
2. Mayor’s Permit
1InquiryEng'g/Maintenance5 mins.
2Attend an Online Seminar via Facebook Messenger (Click the link above)Admin/Eng'g15 mins.
3Fill out Service Application and Construction Order (SACO) Form and Submit to Engineering SectionEng'g/Maintenance 10 mins
4If in-house plumbing is installed, inform the Engineering Section and submit the requirements (Proof of ownership/authorization/certification)Eng'g/Maintenance 2 mins.
5Wait at home for the inspection of in-house plumbing installation by the BWD inspector (***in-house plumbing materials must conform to BWD standards)Eng'g/Maintenance 1 hr.
6If approved, go to Eng’g for drawing of sketch map & assigning of account numberEng'g/Maintenance25 mins.
7Fill out summary of expense formEng'g/Maintenance 5 mins.
8 Go to Accounting for issuance of charge slipCommercial/Accounting2 mins.
9 Go to Billing Clerk for confirmation of account numberCommercial/Billing5 mins.
10Go to Cashier for paymentCommercial/Cashier 3 mins.
11Return the form to Commercial Section for recommending approvalCommercial/Accounting2 mins.
12 Tapping of new water meter to our service lineEng'g/Maintenance3-4 hrs.


1. Fill out Reconnection Request Form
Fees and Charges:
1. Full payment of outstanding account

2. Reconnection Fee: 
• P 30.00 (within the same day)
• P 100.00 (1 or more days after the disconnection)

3. If water meter is pulled out, additional fittings will be charged
1 For pulled out meter, go to Eng’g Section to request an in-house plumbing inspection; else, go to step 4Engineering/Maintenance30 mins.
2Inspector submits recommendation to storekeeperEngineering/Maintenance5 mins.
3Go to storekeeper to get a charge slip for fittings/materialsStorekeeper5 mins.
4Go to the teller to pay full amount of arrearsTeller 2 mins.
5Go to the Cashier to pay the reconnection fee and fittings (if any)Cashier2 mins
6Go to Billing Clerk to present OR and fill out reconnection request formBilling Clerk3 mins
7Reconnection of service line Commercial 1-2 hrs.

Meter Transfer

1. Fill out Reconnection Request Form
Fees and Charges:
1. Full payment of outstanding account

2. Meter Transfer Fee: 
• P100.00 (Same Barangay)
• P300.00 (Other Barangay)
1Go to Billing Clerk to fill out request for meter transfer formBilling Clerk2 mins.
2Inspector recommends the actual location of meter to be transferred and submit to Eng’g for updating of account number and will be forwarded to the billing clerkEngineering/Commercial30 mins.
3Go back to cashier for payment and present OR to the billing clerkCashier3 mins.
4Wait at home for plumber to transfer the water meterEng'g/Maintenance30 mins.

Purchase of Materials

1Go to storekeeper and present list of materials to be purchased and wait for the charge slipStorekeeper5 mins.
2Go to the cashier to pay the materials costCommercial/Cashier2 mins.
3Go back to the storekeeper to claim the purchased materialsStorekeeper20 mins.

Payment of Water Bill

1Go to teller window and present your water billCommercial/Teller2 mins.
2Teller receives the payment and issues official receiptCommercial/Teller5 mins.


1 Go to Public Assistance and Complaints Desk and report complaintCommercial/Office Clerk3 mins.
2Sign in concessionaire’s log bookCommercial/Office Clerk5 mins.
3For service connection leaks, wait at home for plumbers to repair the leak; for in-house leaks, contact BWD accredited plumber to repair the leak.Eng'g/Accredited Plumber30 mins.
4 If complaint pertains to water bill accounts, go to billing clerk for clarificationCommercial/Billing5 mins
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